How does True Impact support our grantees throughout a Social Impact Reporting cycle?

Grantees can expect personalized support from True Impact to guide them in creating the strongest report possible.

True Impact prides itself on offering personalized support to both reduce the reporting burden and build the social impact measurement capacity of grantees. Our typical support strategies looks something like this:

  • Initial Invitation // True Impact invites your grantees to the Social Impact Reporting process with a personalized welcome note, details about the investment from their funder, guidance on how to access support when needed, instructions on how to log into their account, and a reporting timeline. 
  • Live Social Impact Training // Every week, True Impact hosts a live Social Impact Training. The training is open to any grantee and their colleagues who would benefit from learning more about the reporting process. The hour-long training includes a walkthrough of the full reporting process and web-based reporting platform, advice on how to create the strongest report possible, examples of reports, and the opportunity to ask questions. True Impact shares a recording of the training for those who couldn't attend or would like to reference training notes at a later date.
  • Reporting Reminders // Throughout the reporting cycle, True Impact sends reminders to grantees about the reporting timeline and additional guidance to support their reporting. True Impact shares guidance includes FAQs as well as access to a customized Social Impact Reporting Resource Page. This Reporting Resource page includes details about their specific funder's goals and priorities, logic model examples, and Measurement Tools and Resources. 
  • One on one support // In additional to regular email communication and online support, all grantees have access to True Impact's measurement experts for one on one support via zoom. Grantees can schedule as needed and include colleagues who would benefit from joining. These calls are opportunities to dive into the specifics of a program and its theory of change and receive customized advice from our team of measurement experts. 
  • Custom Report Reviews // After grantees submit their draft reports, True Impact's team of measurement experts reads each report in full. We then offer customized feedback on each report offering suggestions on ways to strengthen and refine the report so the grantee can feel proud to share their report at the completion of the process with any of their stakeholders.
  • Communication Support // After the reporting process is complete, True Impact guides your grantees to leverage their Impact Report as a communication tool. Social Impact Reports contain a program's theory of change and measurement plans in a comprehensive but concise way. We encourage all grantees to share this important document and to amplify their excellent work among their stakeholders.