Tips for sharing your Social Impact Report with others

Now that your Impact Report is complete, here are some tips on how to share it with others.

Congratulations on recently completing your Social Impact Report!

Even though your report was requested by a specific funder, it is a powerful summary of your overall program and can help you communicate with many other stakeholders about the value of your work.  You might consider sharing your report with your donors, other potential funders, your Board, and community stakeholders. Below, you’ll find an easy-to-use template you can use to share your Social Impact Report so you can build new champions of your important work. For guidance on how to download a PDF of your completed Social Impact Report, click here.

Thank you for your hard work on your Social Impact Report. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you invested in this process.


Dear [stakeholder]

We recently completed summary report of the impact that we are making towards our mission and want to share those results with you. This report was completed in partnership with True Impact—a leading impact measurement platform. 

Why is this information valuable? First, it helps us better understand how much progress we are making towards [insert your mission here]. And it goes beyond proving our current impact: this report helps us make more impact by identifying opportunities to do more good.

Here is what our program accomplishes:  

  • [insert Outcome 1 from the impact report]
  • [insert Outcome 2 from the impact report, if applicable]
  • [insert Outcome 3 from the impact report, if applicable]

Attached, you’ll find our full report and if you have any questions on how to read and understand this report, you can review this brief guide.

Social Media Post

Post idea 1:

Use any of these editable Canva graphic templates to add in your reach figures or social impact figures to help illustrate your program's scope! Post on your Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform you utilize to help tell the story of your work.

Post idea 2:

[org/program name] recently completed a summary social impact report. With it, we can now show exactly how much our programs are improving lives [or insert your specific mission here]. We’re excited to share the results with you. 

Download the full report to learn more: [URL]