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How do we report on an investment made to our organization's endowment?

How should we report on an endowment investment considering we only receive a portion each year through dispersments?

To report on the impact of your funder’s endowment gift, please prepare an annual report capturing the anticipated or achieved impacts each year of the endowment disbursement. Each report should have a funding allocation equal to the endowment disbursement received. For example, if your funder provided endowment funding of $200,000 and you received one disbursement of $20,000 last year, please create a single report capturing the activities and impacts of your program supported by last year’s $20,000 disbursement. Then, you can clone your report to forecast the anticipated annual impact of your program over the life of the endowment disbursements - in this example, 1 report for each year of $20,000 endowment income dispersed or 10 reports total. Using the cloning feature will reduce the reporting burden. By creating future-focused reports on upcoming endowment disbursements, you can communicate the long term impact of your program to your funder. 

Please note: the budget section of each report should capture the full annual costs of implementing your program each year. For example, if you run a scholarship program with faculty mentoring, your budget should include the cost of the scholarships, the faculty mentorship costs, and any other direct or administrative costs associated with the program each year. This full amount should equal or exceed the endowment disbursement. 

At the end of each program period, please return to your True Impact account, open your report for that year’s program, and update your projected impacts with final results.  Your True Impact Social Impact Manager is here to support you with any reporting questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out.