How do I clone a previous report?

If you would like to create a new social impact report based on a previously completed report, you can clone an existing report in your account. Below are the steps to do so.



Step by step instructions

Clone previous report

  • Log in to
  • Once logged in, you’ll select "accept and allocate investment." You'll then confirm the investment.
  • Click the green Confirm button to confirm the investment amount
  • From the three options presented, you'll select "Clone Existing Report."
  • Select the report you'd like to clone from your list of completed reports.
  • Click "Allocate to Cloned Report Only"
  • Select an investment tier. 
    1. Incremental (a non-primary contribution to your program’s overall budget)
    2. Significant (one of the largest contributions to the program’s overall funding)
    3. Foundational (significant enough funding that its absence might undermine the viability of your program)
  • Click Allocate

Update cloned report

  • Now that you've duplicated your previous report and allocated your new funding to that report, you’ll want to update your report to reflect your current program period's information.
  • On your To Do page, click the green Edit button next to the new report under the header "Reports to be submitted or published"
    • In Overview, make sure to update the report name, date range, and stage.
    • In Intervention, ensure that any new program implementation details are captured.
    • In Beneficiaries, review the beneficiary populations and locations.
    • The most important part of your updates will be any changes made to the “Outcomes” section.
    • You can add or remove indicators in the "Relevant" section. In the “Indicators” section, you can update indicator descriptions, quantities, and measurement details.
    • Review the budget section and update financial information as needed.
  • Review the updated Impact Receipt to ensure your updates reflect your current program period.
  • In the submit page, you'll be notified if there ​are ​any errors. Once you see all green check marks, you can submit your report for feedback. 
  • You can now log out.