I want to update my initial or interim report with final results

Change the report status of your existing report, then update with your final results and Publish.

To finalize your existing report: 

  1. Log into your True Impact account and click on the name of your report that is ready for an update under the section "Reports to be Finalized" on your To Do main menu.
  2. In the Overview section, update your Report stage to "Final" in "Stage."
  3. In the Outcomes section, you'll want to click on "Indicators". Click on "Show all indicator fields" to review each step of each indicator (steps 1 - 5). Review and update each indicator as needed to capture the final results of your program. You will enter your final result into the box that says "Current Forecast."
  4. Review your budget section to capture the total cost of your program.
  5. Complete the new "Narratives" section with a brief lesson learned and success story.

This 12 minute video will demonstrate how to update your initial or interim report with final figures. It will walk you through how to update the Overview, Intervention, and Beneficiary sections as well as providing updated figures in the Outcomes section. It also demonstrates how to update the budget section and complete a new section called "Narratives." 

The training slides can be downloaded HERE.