How do I create my Social Impact Report? (mini-trainings for each section of your report)

Below are step-by-step video instructions on drafting, updating, and publishing your social impact report.

  1. Create a new account or log into your existing True Impact account (1min)
  2. Allocate your investment (2 min)
  3. Complete the Overview, Intervention, and Beneficiary Sections (7 min)
  4. Complete the Outcomes section (6 min)
  5. Complete the Budget section (3 min)
  6. Complete the Narrative section (2 min) Final Reports only
  7. Review and resolve True Impact's feedback on your report (2 min)
  8. Submit your report for feedback (2 min)
  9. Once your report is published, you can share it with others. Sharing your published Impact Receipt with others (1 min)

Additional Training Resources