I want to allocate an investment



  1. To allocate an investment, log in at https://ir.trueimpact.com/#/login using the email included in the "Investment Notification" email from True Impact 
  2. Review the “Investments to be allocated” section of the report builder. You will see the investment from your funder and the amount of funding provided. Click “Accept and Allocate”
  3. Confirm the investment by clicking “Confirm Investment”
  4. Select how you would like to allocate the investment. You can apply the investment in three ways:
    • to an existing report
    • to a clone of an existing report (this allows you to create a new report by copying a past report),
    • to a brand new report. In this example, we select “Create brand new report.”
  5. Enter in your program name and then click “Allocate to selected reports only”
  6. Select an investment type. You have three to choose from
    • 1) Incremental (a non-primary contribution to your program’s overall budget)
    • 2) Significant (one of the largest contributions to the program’s overall funding)
    • 3) Foundational (significant enough funding that its absence might undermine the viability of your program)
  7. Click “Apply investment” 
  8. Now you are ready to begin building your social impact report.