What questions are asked in a Social Impact Report?

Your Social Impact Report is an executive summary of your program's goals, activities, beneficiaries, outcomes, and budget.

In creating your Social Impact Report, you'll provide high-level descriptions of your program's goals, activities, beneficiaries, outcomes, and budget. The report questions will change based on how you respond to certain questions. However, all Social Impact Reports will include the following sections.

You can download this cheat sheet if you'd like to work on your report offline before entering your responses in the oneline platform. 


Name, description, start/end date of report, logo, and report stage.

If relevant, refer to funder-specific guidelines regarding what type of report to create.


Social category, type of intervention, frequency and duration of engagement, and description (text).


Location, demographic categories (%), description (text).

Where possible, please provide gender, ethnicity, social and economic status percentages.


Logic model template, relevant indicators, indicator customization, backup documentation, notes.

If relevant, refer to funder-specific guidance on logic model templates.


Direct (cash, in-kind) and overhead (cash, in-kind), backup documentation, notes.


Success stories, lessons learned (final report only).


The Outcomes section is based on a logic model framework. You'll select and provide details on any relevant indicators within each stage of the logic model framework below. You can learn more about the Outcomes section in this support article.


If you'd like more support in completing your Social Impact Report, you can review the following resource or review all resources in the True Impact Help Center.