What if my Investment doesn't show up?

If you don't see an expected investment in your account, check the email address in the invitation, and add that user to your account.

If you don't see an expected investment in your account, or receive the following warning in your report, you may need to review the email addresses that are in your True Impact account. 
No investments have yet been allocated to this report. An investment is required become you can submit this report for feedback or publish it. To allocate funding, click on Return to Main Menu, then Investments. Then click the Edit Allocation button on the relevant investment. 

Return to the True Impact invitation email and confirm that the email address in that email is a user in your True Impact account. 

  • To add additional users to  your account, click on “Account” and “Manage Users.”
  • Enter your team member's name, email, create a password, and select the role  “Admin.
  • Once you’ve set up their account, they can change their password by clicking on https://ir.trueimpact.com/#/reset_login
Once the right users are in your organizational account, you can allocate the investment to your report:
  1. Log in at https://ir.trueimpact.com/#/login 
  2. Accept and Allocate the new investment
  3. Confirm the investment by clicking “Confirm Investment”
  4. Allocate the investment to an existing report
  5. Select an investment type. You have three to choose from
    1) Incremental (a non-primary contribution to your program’s overall budget)
    2) Significant (one of the largest contributions to the program’s overall funding)
    3) Foundational (significant enough funding that its absence might undermine the viability of your program)
  6. Click “Apply investment”

You can now complete and submit your report for review.

If the user associated with a funder investment has an existing account, you will need to connect with us at support@trueimpact.com to merge your organizational accounts or delete the investment and send it to your email address.