Frequently Asked Questions

We encounter a lot of good questions from organizations reporting through True Impact. Here are some commonly asked questions and our guidance for each.

Q: Can there be more than one user?  For instance, me as the Advancement Officer and my colleague as the program manager
A: You sure can! Here’s a step-by-step guide on adding additional members to your account. 

Q: I work on a global program - the exact beneficiaries of the program vary from year to year but this year they were in 30 countries - it won't be the same countries in the next year -how would I reflect that?
A: You can add all countries, or report at the regional level (Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East)

Q: Can we select more than one service/logic model?
A: You can only select one service (or logic model). However, you can flex your selected logic by adding additional indicators to one logic model in Outcomes > Services.

Q: Have I build out the logic model section correctly?
A: Your logic model is YOUR program's story! The indicators and magnitude (shape) of the model are configurable. Models can include as few as 2 indicators or many more. And a logic model shape can be a funnel (big reach, smaller beneficiary outcomes), pyramid (small reach, bigger outcomes), or column (100% outputs to outcomes). You are the expert on your program - we just provide scaffolding to help you tell the story of your program's impact in a straightforward way.