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Succeed Stage

How to complete the Succeed stage in the Logic Model

Succeed Overview:

The Succeed stage should focus on the number of people who gain income, health, housing, or otherwise improve their wellbeing by achieving the program's end goal. This could also include other social impacts such as environmental impacts, businesses saved, or dollars saved. 

Key Considerations:

Of the total reached through your programs and serves, then what happens? Beyond reach, how are lives improved or communities impacted?


Q: Does this section need to be included in the logic mode?
A: Yes, the Succeed stage is one of the two required stages for your logic model.

Q: What is the difference between Reach and Succeed?
A: While Reach encompasses anyone that was served by your program or services, Succeed will focus on your ultimate outcomes of the work and social impacts. Oftentimes, the Succeed value is smaller than the Reach value, though this is not always the case. 

Q: Does the Succeed section need to focus solely on beneficiaries?
A: While many programs have a focus on socially impacting the lives and wellbeing of beneficiaries, other outcomes might include environmental factors, businesses saved, money saved, etc.