How to use program outcomes to report on pro bono contributions

A contribution claim is a method used to quantify the social value of community investments, including grants, in-kind donations, and pro bono service.

Imagine a company donates $10,000 worth of skilled or pro bono services to a nonprofit program that helps 100 people gain housing. The program costs $100,000 per year to operate, so the volunteer initiative supported 10% of the program's budget to achieve impact. Using the 10% contribution to calculate impacts enabled by that service, you would take 10% of 100 people housed for 10 people housed as a result of the service. 

A contribution claim represents the portion of a nonprofit’s overall social impact that you can claim as a result of your investment.

To calculate a contribution claim:

  1. Monetize the grant, in-kind goods, or services you performed using the hourly value for the type of volunteer services provided.
  2. Calculate what percentage this represents of the nonprofit program’s total implementation cost.
  3. Calculate an equivalent percentage of the program’s overall social value (successful outcomes).

In short, you can link your investment to a portion of the nonprofit’s social impact equal to the portion of the program you supported through your donation of time (i.e., % support = % of impact). 

Because True Impact supports contribution claims within the platform, this calculation is automated. Simply report on your outcomes and budget, and the system will calculate the outcomes generated through a donation.