Program Development Stage

How to complete the Program Development stage in the Logic Model

Program Development Overview:

This is the first stage in the logic model and should include the number of improvements in infrastructure, operating practices, systems, or staff used to deliver a program’s services. This is NOT representing end beneficiaries, but rather, how your program is strengthened in order to reach your beneficiaries. 

Key Considerations:

What program resources will be developed to help deliver services to your stakeholders? If none, this stage does not need to be included in your logic model.


Q: Does this section need to be included in our logic model?
A: No, this section is optional and you can leave it unchecked if there are no indicators that feel relevant to your program. 

Q: How does Program Development differ from the Reach, Learn, Act, Succeed stages?
A: This stage is the only one that does not focus on your beneficiaries, rather, you should consider the ways in which your program was strengthened in order to reach your beneficiaries.