Learn Stage

How to complete the Learn stage in the Logic Model

Learn Overview:

The Learn stage encompasses the number of people who, as a result of being served by the program, gain the skills, knowledge, motivation, or access to resources that will enable them to achieve success. This is an optional stage in your logic model.

Key Considerations:

Of those reached, is there a strong learning component of your program? If not, this does not need to be included in your logic model.


Q: Does this section need to be included in our logic model?
A: No, this section is optional and you can leave it unchecked if there are no indicators that feel relevant for your program. 

Q: What is the difference between Learn and Succeed?
A: Learn is an interim outcome whereas Succeed is the end outcome. Learn is not required in your logic model, but if there is an aspect of learning in your theory of change, you can include this stage.