How do I update my Initial report to an Interim report?

Remember! Interim reports do NOT capture impacts-to-date. Instead, they allow you to update your initial projections with more informed projections now that your program period is partially complete.


To update your existing initial report with an interim forecast of your final program results, you’ll first log in to True Impact using your established user credentials. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it at

  1. Once logged in, you’ll select your report from the “Reports to be Finalized” section by clicking “Update.”
  2. Now that you've opened your report, you’ll want to click on Overview and “Stage” and then select “Interim” as the report stage. Click save and next.
  3. Briefly review all sections in the Overview, Intervention and Beneficiary sections. Make any updates necessary if the program’s activities or beneficiary populations have changed. Be sure to click “save and next” after making any changes so you don’t lose any updates.
  4. The most important part of your updates will be any changes made to the “Outcomes” section. Here, you’ll click on “Indicators” and, in “step 2” of each indicator, update your figures with current projections of your final program results.
  5. Review the budget section and update financial information as needed. 
  6. Review the updated Impact Receipt to ensure your updates reflect your interim results. 
  7. In the submit page, you should see a “waiting” button. The system is "waiting" for your final updates once your program period is complete. Your Interim updates are done and you can now log out.