How do we measure our non $USD investments?

True Impact can work with you on measuring your non $USD investments in 5 easy steps.

True Impact is a US-based company and all our reporting and analysis are conducted in $USD. This allows for True Impact to standardize our data and provide accurate benchmarking and comparisons for funders all over the globe. It also ensures that, no matter the local currency, you have an easy way to understand how your international partners' programs compare to others across your giving portfolio. We recommend the following steps to ensure that all donations - no matter the local currency - are accurately tracked accurately in True Impact's system. 

  1. Once you're ready to begin measuring your international giving, share the donation amount with your True Impact Client Sucesss Manager in the local currency the donation was made. 
  2. True Impact will then convert that donation from the local currency to $USD and will document the date of conversion. This converted amount will be entered into the True Impact system as your donation. 
  3. Your international partners will be invited to begin reporting and will be asked to please complete all budget details in $USD. Their conversion dates/details can be entered in the notes section of the Budget section if desired.
  4. True Impact will conduct the analysis of your partners' data in $USD and will share all impact results based on $USD.
  5. Any external messaging to your stakeholders (i.e. your Board or international partners) should include a note that the donation of XX [in local currency] equates $XX [as converted on X date].  

Following these steps ensures that communcation with True Impact and your partners is clear and avoids any confusion about the underlying monetary units. It also ensures you can easily compare impact data across your giving portfolio - no matter the geographic community.