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How do we capture the impacts of our endowment giving?

Endowments can yield long term impacts. How does True Impact help you and your nonprofit partners measure them?

Funding an endowment is a proven strategy to sustain your social impact into the future because endowments create an ongoing source of income. Your nonprofit partners can count on annual distributions for their programs and, if managed well, the endowment’s purchasing power will be preserved for years to come. For example, a fund that generates income to operate a reading program for elementary students today can be designed to produce income to run the same program 20 years from now and beyond. The endowment can also grow over time with additional gifts from multiple donors.

While you may make a one time donation to an endowment, the disbursement of those funds to a specific program take place over years. Therefore, when measuring your endowment investment, it is important to capture the realized and projected impacts of your investment. 

Your True Impact Social Impact Manager will work closely with your nonprofit partner to capture both the achieved impacts for any endowment disbursements already made as well as the projected impact of future disbursements. This will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the persistent impact your endowment funding yields. Your nonprofit partner will then update their projected impacts each year with final results providing you robust data on what impacts occurred each year of the endowment disbursement as well as what you can anticipate from your long term investment.