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How do I get the most from my True Impact Donor Account?

This brief training will walk you through your True Impact Donor Account. We’ll talk through logging in, accessing your completed grantee reports, downloading grantee data, and providing feedback on grantee reports. 

After logging in, it will be helpful to familiarize yourself with some management tools in your Donor Account:

  • You can add additional members of your team to your Donor Account in the “Account” section.
  • You can review the invitations to complete a report and the investments allocated to those reports by clicking “Invitations.”
  • And you can access our Help Center at any time by clicking “Help” or emailing us specific questions by clicking the “Help” button.

You can view your grantee reports (Impact Receipts) by following these steps:

  • If you’re interested in simply reading through a specific grantee report or printing it out, you’ll want to first click on the portfolio that contains the reports you are interested in reading.
  • Your reports will become visible and you can click on the print icon to the right of the report you are interested in to read their completed report.

You can download your grantee data by following these steps:

  • First, you’ll click “Prepare reports for export" at the top right hand corner of your Donor Account Portfolio view. 
  • You’ll have the option of exporting either the Summary Report or Outcomes Report. The Summary Report includes information about each grantee's Overview, Intervention, Beneficiary, and Budget sections. The Outcomes Report includes details about each grantee's logic model including indicators, results, and measurement types. 

You can also provide feedback to your grantees on their individual reports:

  • Click on the “Reports Feedback” section on the lefthand navigation bar then click on the “Feedback/Ratings” arrow on the far right.
  • The completed report will open on the lefthand side of your screen and the feedback table will open on the right. The feedback table aligns with sections in the Impact Receipt on the left.
  • To provide feedback on a particular section of the report, you’ll add a check mark to the “Issues” column in donor feedback table for that particular report section and then add your comments in the text field.
  • There are a few questions you’ll want to consider when reviewing each report. This Report Feedback Guidance document will help guide you in reviewing each report and what kind of questions you’ll want to consider within each section of the report.
  • If your grantee has questions about selecting their Intervention type in the Intervention Section, you can review our help article "Digging Deeper - Intervention Section" for details on the types of interventions in our system and the details for each type. 
  • Once you’ve identified the sections of the report that warrant feedback and provided guidance to the grantee, you can click “Save and Submit” to send the report to the grantee for edits.
  • When the grantee has revised their report based on your feedback, you’ll want to return to your Donor Account, to the “Reports Feedback” section and verify that the grantee revisions are sufficient.